"It is nice when we are into our hectic weekly schedule, I can look at the portraits Lyn has done of my family and celebrate a fantastic memory with a smile. The picture of my twins that was used for their birth announcement is one of my favorites and it brings bittersweet emotions because, as the saying goes, they grow up so fast!" ~ Janet F.





"We are proud to be a musical family as we have a passion for music. This portrait is exactly who we are. I am thrilled that I will always have the memory of this time as my children mature and go out into the world." ~ Ruta A.






"Life's essence, artfully captured in portrait form." ~ Inguaggiato family, since 1997.







"Each time I look at the amazing portraits that Lyn has taken of my children, I am struck by how she not only perfectly captures their images, but also their personalities and their spirit." ~ Silvana R.






"Through all the chaos it’s sometimes easy to forget how fast time goes by and the special moments that are breathtaking. Your pictures remind me of these moments and I will cherish them forever. It’s nice in my busy day to just stop and look at the portraits, and suddenly they are a good reminder that this craziness is all worth it.." ~ Jamie B.




"Lyn manages to hone in on that millisecond that reveals not only their physical features so beautifully, but their personalities as well. I love the canvas portrait of my daughter. It's a real masterpiece!" ~ Miriam P.






"Our photograph captures the essence of our family. These pictures generate a warm-hearted feeling of family pride and great hope for the future." ~ Diane V.





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